:ALM150 ALM200激光焊机

  ALM150 ALM200激光焊机 Technical data ALM 150 ALM 200
Average power 150 W 200 W
Peak pulse power 10 kW 9 kW
Pulse energy 100 J 90 J
Pulse duration 0,5 – 20 ms
Pulse frequency Single pulse up to 20 Hz
Welding spot diameter 0,2 – 2,0 mm
Focusing optics 150 mm
Pulse shaping Adjustable power-shaping within a laser pulse
Control User-specific operation with up to 128 data records
Viewing system Leica binoculars with oculars suitable for wearers of glasses, turn-and-tiltable
Working range Open system
Motorised motion system
Movement of the arm/processing head can be carried out manually
or motor driven under joystick control
X, Y, Z in mm 145 x 120 x 1300
Lowest working point in mm 450
Highest working point in mm 1500
Arm travel in mm 1300
Mechanical dimensions
LxWxH in mm 1400 x 730 x 1505
Weight 345 kg
Electrical connection 3 x 400 V / 50–60 Hz / 3 x 16 A
Options > Turn-and-tilt optics
> Tiltable turntable with chuck for horizontal to vertical rotation
> Remote control
> TV system for demonstrating and observing the welding process

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